Social Media Reputation Management – A Complete Guide

In 2016, the question isn’t “are you on social media?”, it’s “what’s your handle?”. That makes it priority number one to effectively manage your persona online, whether you’re a company or an individual. Social media and reputation go hand in hand. For some, it’s exclusively about building that reputation. For others, it’s a means to… Read more »

Social Media Crisis – What Can We Learn?

Log on to any social media platform, on any given day, and you’ll be greeted by every type of content imaginable. The swooning over celebrities, the brand giveaways, and the political debates – it’s all standard stuff. Sadly, the same goes for the good ‘ol social media crisis, or as some people call it, the… Read more »

How to Handle Social Media Trolls Effectively

Taming the Trolls Ah, social media trolls. They’re the scourge of the internet. A group of people with nothing better to do than trash individuals and companies alike. Well, hate to break it to you – they aren’t going anywhere. As social media has grown in popularity and use, the number of online trolls has… Read more »

Pokémon GO for Business

How to make your business money with Pokémon GO It’s so much easier than you could ever imagine to start making money from Pokémon GO. The key is using social media advertising to make people aware you are doing it. This how to guide has everything you need to know.  1. Download Pokémon Go to… Read more »

Social Media Community Manager Wanted

– Do you love #SocialMedia? – Do you dream of working on some of Australia’s biggest brands? – Do you want to join one of the fastest growing agencies in the country? If you do, we want to hear from you! Hello Social is a team of enthusiastic creatives, community managers and strategists who thrive… Read more »

Business Development Manager Wanted

The Agency: Hello Social is one of Australia’s leading social media marketing agencies. We have doubled our revenue in the last 12 months and are looking for a gun BDM to take the agency to the next level. The Role: Hello Social has a long track record of exceeding client expectations, one of the most… Read more »

Social Media Integration

Approximately 10 years ago before the birth of social media, marketers would tell you “The money is in the list” (email marketing). While this was true then – it is not today. Statistics in January 2015 showed that 13.8 million Australians…

Social Media Case Studies

Who are Gents Timepieces? Gents Timepieces is an online store that sells economic, yet stylish watches, all below the price tag of $100 AUD. According to their story the stores was started because they “couldn’t find a timepiece…

Social Media Competition Ideas

This guide is your hub to creating every type of social media competition under the sun, and how to best align them with your marketing goals. This guide will list: 1. 13 objectives you can achieve through social media competitions…

Social Media Competitions

Everybody loves a competition, even more so when it’s free to enter and they have the chance to win awesome prizes and freebies. This simple formula has lead to social media competitions becoming an effective tactic for brands…