Inspector-General of Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman

Inspector-General of Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman

Who is IGTO?

IGTO is the independent government body that assists taxpayers to address complaints about the administrative actions of the ATO and TPB.



What we did for them?

We have worked with the Office of Inspector-General of Taxation & Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO) since the end of the 2018 calendar year.

Hello Social were presented with challenges including strengthening the IGTO’s social media outreach, the production of quality content for social media, building and maintaining a community presence and brand realignment as an Ombudsman service.

Our key achievements over the last year include launching the Facebook account and managing their ongoing presence on the platform. We have been involved in various important aspects of IGTO’s social media campaigns, including the production of quality social media content including video production, illustration and animation. We have also helped to build an extensive community management guide for responding to social media interactions on our Facebook account.

We are the point of contact for any social media enquiries from the public and draw the client’s attention to any challenging interactions from the community. We have also successfully received Blue Tick Page Verification on the IGTO Facebook account.