China Airlines

China Airlines

Who is China Airlines?

China Airlines is Taiwan’s largest airlines and flies to over 154 countries around the world. China Airlines has daily direct flights to Taiwan from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, as well as world-class service on-board each flight.


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What we did for them?

We work with China Airlines AU to grow to raise awareness about their destination-oriented brand and tourism routes.

We helped to launch and now continue to grow their Instagram account by building awareness for China Airlines, Taiwan and the destinations Australian travellers can get to via Taipei.

We bring their Facebook and Instagram pages to life with inspirational content, and in their ads we use vibrant imagery featuring natural scenery and overlapping graphic accents. The tone of voice is kind and thought-provoking, just like the creative.

We consistently split test ad elements to find the highest performing, for example using imagery of the on-board experience v destinations, CTAs such as Book Now v Learn More and the inclusion of specific journey information such as ‘Experience Taiwan’ v ‘Melbourne to Taipei.’