Social Media Case Studies

Who are Gents Timepieces?

Gents Timepieces is an online store that sells economic, yet stylish watches, all below the price tag of $100 AUD. According to their story the stores was started because they

couldn’t find a timepiece that fulfilled our need for a stylish and quality design that didn’t [break] the bank; we took it upon ourselves to open a boutique watch store offering an inspired collection of luxury men’s timepieces that were not only stylish, but also affordable.”.

Content examples:

[insert multiple content examples]

Why have they been chosen as this week’s case study?

We chose Gents Timepieces (GT) as our case study of the week because they appear to have organically grown a huge Instagram following and have used many tricks we can all benefit from utlilising.

What Channels do they use?


Reasons why they are successful:

  • •  The content produced painted a classy and high end image for the brand and their products
  • •  Encouraged user generated content to build the audience as well as produce content that would       normally be very expensive
  • •  They used influential people in the space to grow their initial audience

What can we learn from them?

Post visually appealing content:

I know it sounds obvious, but the images that GT uses are basically fashion porn. Their content is so interesting and the appropriate audience just wants to interact and consume this content. If you are an ecommerce store selling products, particularly in the fashion industry, we recommend making your products looking as visually appealing as possible.

Leverage influencers:

GT does a fantastic job of encouraging influencers to post content about their products. Some notable influencers include “Millionaire Life Style”, an Instagram account with 296k+ followers. This account and other influential large social media followings regularly posts content to their followers about GT, leading to both an increase in followers and most probably leads to their online store.


Competitions and giveaways:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or give away a huge prize in order to run a successful competition. GT have done a great job of coming up with different giveaways that both engage the audience as well as grow the fan base. Two competition examples include:

Tag a friend: Asking the audience to tag two friends in order to win a watch

competitions GT

Post a photo and tag GT: Asking the audience to post a photo of the watch they have purchased and tagging the GT Instagram account. This creates user generated content which GT can use in the future, as well as positively displays their products to the friends and followers of the user who posted the picture.