Looking for an expert Social Media Consultant?

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Looking for an expert Social Media Consultant?

Many digital agencies offering the full menu of online marketing services offer Social Media marketing consultancy as part of the package. However, success on Social requires a completely different strategic approach to other channels such as Google Adwords or print advertising.

Social is about building a real connection with your customers, fans and followers, developing the right voice and content, and sticking to the channels that add value for your business. It can feel like searching for the goose that laid the golden egg. Well, not anymore!

At Hello Social our team consists of the best social media consultants Sydney has to offer, and they are truly masters of their craft. With a proven track record of success with international brands, and a fat wad of highly successful campaigns under our belt, you can be confident that with our guidance, your social media presence will be transformed into a lucrative part of your marketing efforts.

Your business is unique, and our social media consulting methods are always focused on creating the avenues for long term growth that are aligned with your goals. We provide you with expert advice, in-depth reports, analysis and a crystal clear strategy to tie it all together.

Social media is all we do, and we’re good at it!

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So how do our social media marketing consultants work?

Our recommendations are always tailored to your business, but our step-by-step approach to consultancy is tried and tested. We pride ourselves on offering a market leading service, and our social media consultant rates are priced competitively, delivering unbeatable value.

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Step 1:

Fact Finding Meeting

In this first meeting we learn in detail about your business and current marketing efforts. By holistically understanding your market position, goals, and main competitors, we get into the head of your customers and fans to understand the psychology behind a purchase.

This initial meeting usually takes around 45 minutes and uncovers where the lucrative opportunities for your brand lie.

Step 2:

Creating a Strategy

This is where things get really exciting! We create a social media strategy for your business, which includes a step-by-step implementation plan that helps you leverage your internal resources efficiently to achieve clearly defined objectives.

You can expect your bespoke strategy to include:

  • List of relevant platforms
  • Recommended content schedule
  • Brand building content suggestions
  • Activation plan
  • How to integrate social media into your business

Step 3:

Client Workshop

Your social media consultant will run a workshop to get down to the nitty gritty of how to implement our social media strategy with your internal workflows. By running through a customised roadmap, we work together to tackle any potential barriers to progress and put plans in place to tackle these hurdles from day one.

Step 4:

Social Suggestions Report

Through compiling our research and having gained a deeper understanding of your business and its context in the industry, we create a list of specific campaigns and actions that will lead to your success.

This detailed report will become your Social Media guide and will set you firmly on the path to develop and implement your own campaigns in the future.

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