Social Media Management

As one of the first specialised agencies in the country, our social media managers create, measure and optimise lucrative campaigns for both international brands and small businesses.

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Social Media Management

Let’s face it, social media can be a tough nut to crack. With literally hundred of platforms, zipping in and out of their orbits of popularity around the juggernaut that is Facebook, it is tough to know where to engage with your customers.

With Hello Social, we use our years of experience to create a unique strategy for your brand, offering social media management services that deliver measurable results. Aside from saving time on your daily social media management tasks, our creative team will whip up plenty of inspiring content that will get your fans and followers spreading the love.

Of course we’re not all blue sky thinkers, and our analysts get a real kick out of measuring and optimising your campaign. Transparent and detailed reporting is a big part of what makes Hello Social the agency of choice for Australia’s savvy marketers.

So what next? Simple! Pick up the phone and give us a call on (02) 8889 3930, tell us about your business, and we’ll share some pearls of wisdom to put your social media marketing management on track.

Social media is all we do, and we’re good at it!

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How to get social media managed?

Once you have called us for your first free consultation we put our tried and tested 3 step methodology into action. Using this framework, we devise a completely bespoke strategy and detailed implementation plan for you.

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Step 1:

Create a unique strategy for your business

The all important first meeting is a fact finding extravaganza where we learn all about your brand, products, services and marketing activities. We then use all of that information to form a potent recipe for social media success.

Your strategy and plan of action usually consists of the following:
• Goals and the steps to reach them
• Recommendation of social platforms
• Competition and engagement ideas
• Detailed reporting structure

Step 2:

Social Media Package Launch

Pending your approval, we move into phase two of our social media strategy: launching your first campaign!

Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, analysts and geeks put their left and right hemispheres together to make a kind of superbrain that only thinks about social media. We use our incredible powers to consistently create engaging content for your brand.

The launch phase will usually include:
• Set-up of recommended Social Media platforms
• Creation and launch of paid advertising campaigns
• Launch of competitions to build awareness
• Two way conversation with fans and followers

Step 3:

Optimising your campaign

Once everything is running smoothly, we plug into the matrix and decode the deluge of data, in order to extract a task list of actionable insights. Through this process we follow a continuous process of learning and adjusting to optimise your campaign’s performance, so that you get the best ROI (return on investment).

The optimisation phase includes:
• Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
• Interactions to the existing strategic plan based on analytics
• Presentation of learnings and planned optimisations for the future

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