Simon Pilkington
May 1, 2014

5 Tips for Producing Visual Content for Facebook

The visual aspects of your Facebook content, are some of the most important. Here are 5 tips to make sure your brand is getting it right!

Producing good visual content for Facebook isn’t always as simple as product shots and viral videos; it requires an in depth understanding of your audiences and what makes them tick. Read these 5 simple tips to learn the best ways to produce visual content for your Facebook page.

Tip # 1: Your images must contain less than 20% text

It is part of Facebook’s Ads Policy and Guidelines that no sponsored post includes any more than 20% text.  This is to ensure your content remains engaging and high quality in users’ News Feeds.  It also means that your content is attention grabbing and easy to digest.

You can use a variety of tools to help ensure your posts adhere to this.  Facebook’s grid tool and numerous others, including TechWyse’s tool and 20% Rule uses boxes to measure the weight of text in your images, and requires a simple upload.

Tip # 2: Post sharable content

Producing content should be about more than just the idea; it should largely be about how you are going to distribute it to the greater masses.  The best way to reach the broadest range of audiences possible is to post current, engaging, targeted content that makes people want to share; leading back to your page through branding or association.  If you know your audience, you should know the kind of visual content they are likely to share.

Playing on current topics, nostalgia, humour, empathy and social conscience are great ways to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Tip # 3: Keep your images to the required standard

When posting images on Facebook, it is essential that images are of the highest quality and adhere to their image size standards.  Due to Facebook regularly altering these standards, it is important that you keep updated with the current image requirements to ensure your content maintains its full impact.

The minimum dimensions for an image post is 403 x 403.  For optimum results we recommend doubling that and using 806 x 806.  To stay updated with any changes, try these useful tools: Social Media Image Maker Facebook Image Dimensions

Tip # 4: Always adhere to your brand’s style guide

Regardless of the scale of your business, a strong, striking style guide and brand bible is a must.  Your style guide should accurately reflect the look and feel of the brand through font, colour, and logo design.  This should carry on to your Facebook content through either custom vector graphics or branded photos.

Tip # 5: Post original graphics with a call to action

Posting engaging, unique images with an appropriate call to action (be it likes, shares, tags, subscribes or comments) is a great way to create direct interaction with audiences.  Linking relevant images with a call to action can heighten the message; as we know, our eyes are naturally drawn to images, and further drawn to related text if we can’t decipher it’s direct meaning.  The call to action furthers engagement by encouraging the audience to linger on the post.

Facebook Visual Content Tip 5

For some great examples of successfully engaging visual content, check out these Facebook pages:


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