Brent Barnhart
January 15, 2019

7 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency in 2019

Are you thinking to hire a social media agency in 2019? Here are seven practical reasons to hire a social agency to take care of your brand. From up-skilling your team to following the latest trends and memes there are loads of reasons to work with a specialist social media agency. Find out now!

Thinking about hiring a social media agency but haven’t quite pulled the trigger, yet?
Hey, we get it.
Perhaps you’re wondering if the ROI is really there.
Or maybe you’re convinced that you can take a DIY approach to social media management in 2019.
Listen: hiring a social media marketing agency isn’t about admitting that you need help or can’t do a bang-up job yourself.
But rather it’s about giving yourself a much-needed competitive edge in today’ crowded social space.
And sure, the right agency can take a ton of work off your plate and provide you with some serious strategic insights.
However, there many hidden benefits of bringing an agency on board that often fly under the radar for businesses.
In this post, we’ll break down the upsides of hiring and social media agency to score that sweet, sweet social ROI you’ve been chasing.

1. Agencies Know How to Stretch Your Ad Dollars

Last year’s Facebook’s algorithm update totally blindsided the business world as organic reach plummeted.
Likewise, many marketers are speculating a similar sort of downturn on Instagram in the coming months.
As a result, running social ads has become an expectation rather than an exception to the rule.
The good news? Any seasoned social media marketing agency knows how to run ads that totally kill it.
From creative details like design and copy to the fine details of timing and budget, running an ad yourself is understandably daunting. For someone trying to run a social ad for the first time themselves, the Ads Manager might very well look like hieroglyphics.
On the flip side, any agency worth their salt know how to structure and target campaigns based on the best practices of Facebook or Instagram.
Rather than try to wrap your head around the various ad formats and targeting options, an agency can do the legwork for you to stretch your ad budget as far as it can go.

2. You’ll Get Tuned Into Top-Performing Content

To say that social media thrives on trends would be the ultimate understatement.
Social content is constantly evolving and brands are expected to keep up.
Nobody wants to be that out-of-touch business that’s posting dead memes and ice bucket challenges in 2019, you know?
Instead, you need to be tuned in on the types of content that are going to soak up the likes and shares. When you hire social media agency experts, you’re hiring people whose literal job it is to ride these waves of content to capitalize on trends and buzz at the right time.

3. Save Time and Money Versus Training In-House

“Ads? Content? Memes? Heck, I could do all of that myself!”
Sure, you could.
But does that mean you necessarily should?
Taking care of social media management in-house can be a viable option if you have the time, budget and talent on hand.
That’s a bit “if,” though.
Because doing social totally in-house often requires making sacrifices somewhere.
For example, hiring a senior social media expert might you with strategy but chances are that person’s schedule is going to be bogged down by menial tasks.
On the flip side, you could bring on some junior-level writers or marketers to produce content. The problem? Now you lack any sort of significant strategic direction.
Both options result in sacrifices and sub-par social campaigns to boot.
Agencies instead offer the proverbial “full package.” This means having professional designers, writers and other creative geniuses on deck that work to provide your brand the undivided attention it deserves.

4. Access to the Top Social Media Tools (for Free!)

Okay, this is the big one.
There are tons of paid social media tools out there.
Think about it. Social scheduling. Reporting. Analytics.
And that only scratches the surface.
Each these tools come saddled with individual subscription fees that can quickly eat up any small business or solo brand’s budget.
The good news? By hiring a social media agency, you get full access to a premium suite of tools as part of your partnership. This added bonus is enough to beef up your social campaigns and reporting, all the while saving hundreds of dollars in monthly subscription costs in the process.

5. You’ll Get a Much-Needed Second Opinion on Your Brand

When brands get stuck in their own sort of “bubble,” they become more prone to tone-deaf marketing or even running into a social media crisis.
That’s why having a second opinion regarding your brand can be invaluable.
Why? Because social media agencies are invested in your success. Having the opinion of an outsider can help you develop a stronger brand voice and identity.
For example, here at Hello Social, we are often asked by clients to help take a brand’s business concept and turn it into a full-blown online personality.
And hey, we’re up to the challenge!
We have our own methodical approach developing that personality as we onboard on clients and assess their goals. In our experience, we find that many businesses have an idea of what they want in terms of their brand personality but just need a bit of help translating it online.

6. Level Up Your Team’s Social Media Skills

Working with a social media agency is a learning experience, plain and simple.
The mere act of communicating back-and-forth will ultimately clue your in-house team on in on the dark arts of social media.
In turn, this makes your own team even more valuable. By seeing the experts at work, your own team is empowered to develop their own ideas and hash out what successful social media management looks like in-person. 

7.  Peace of Mind with Around-the-Clock Support

Finally, consider how a social media agency can provide a level of tech support that’s unparalleled.
Something wonky with your landing page?
New help with conversion tracking or troubleshooting Google Analytics?
Just looking for a recommendation on a tech tool?
Hey, we’ve got you covered. Much like Hello Social has its own PPC and analytics experts in-house, agencies typically have a roster of on-call professionals who can provide support when you need it.
And if nothing else, working with a social media agency can be a fantastic networking opportunity. At Hello Social, we work with SEO partners, developers and content producers who we can introduce our clients to if they need additional assistance with their campaigns.

Ready to Bring a Social Media Agency on Board?

Remember: social media isn’t just about posting content occasionally and expecting results.
Scoring that ever-so-elusive ROI means having all the bells and whistles than an agency provides.
Expert insight. Premium tools. Support and strategy.
A skilled agency can provide all of this and then some.
And with brands investing in social like never before,  investing in an agency can provide a distinct advantage over your competition.

If you've struggled to get an ROI for social so far, why not talk to a team that’s walked the walk? Feel free to get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you.

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