Samantha Coggin
July 26, 2017

8 Examples of Amazing Facebook Canvas Ads

Have you tried Facebook Canvas ads yet? Now the full screen mobile format is available as a Facebook ad and organic post. See our top examples for inspiration.

In 2016, Facebook launched a new ad type that’s getting people talking, tilting, swiping, pushing, panning, and playing with brands like never before. Facebook Canvas ads are taking consumer engagement to a whole new level with interactive video content that brands can now create and post on their Facebook mobile pages and/or promote from the advert manager.
Creating a Canvas is like landing your landing page right in people’s hands. These posts are only for mobile users, and were originally rolled out as a format only available on the ad platform. However, due to a surge in popularity for the format, Facebook has allowed pages to publish canvas ads (perhaps canvas posts now) organically. When clicked on, these ads open up in full-screen on smartphones and not only invite people to watch, but engage. And this isn’t the only appealing factor for both people and businesses. What’s even more awesome is how seamlessly Canvas works on both the user’s and creator’s end.
Building mobile-optimized websites can prove to be quite a pain. Facebook, however, allows brands to focus more on creativity by designing this already standardized and pre-loaded rich-media marketing platform. This means that people don’t need to wait for the videos to load and brand’s don’t need to worry about poor functionality or quality, because Facebook’s already done the dirty work. And what’s more, they’re super easy to make through Facebook’s ad manager and power editor.
So create away, but not before checking out the 8 awesome Canvas examples that we've pulled together below.

1. Mr. Porter Sport Canvas

This high-end athleisure brand has mastered the simplicity of the scroll. Mr. Porter Sport’s Canvas opens with a short video of various athletes running, swimming, golfing, etc., then guides user’s to scroll down through it’s informative and manicured pages. This brand knows who they are and their Canvas perfectly matches their overall aesthetic: sleek, stylish and efficient.

2. Volkswagon

This VW Canvas is brilliant for it’s use of the aerial view. Users make their way through the ad by using their fingers to guide a Volkswagon through a winding, cavernous, dirt road. Along the way, the car makes informative pit stops, where users can read about it’s various features. This Canvas is engaging, yes, but it also advertises their cars as adventurous, capable, and strong - even in rugged terrain.

3. Target Cat & Jack Canvas

When starting up a new brand or business, finding your style and persona can be quite a challenge. Target’s new clothing line, Cat & Jack, has created a perfect ad for it’s family-based fans. This playful, lighthearted and interactive canvas allows users to actually create outfits by swiping to mix and match tops and bottoms, using Facebook’s photo carousel feature. Cat & Jack might be new on the scene, but with their new Canvas ad, they seem to know exactly who they are and exactly what they’re doing.

4. Carnival Cruise Canvas

Much like the later American Express Canvas example, Carnival Cruise Line’s Canvas features stunning beaches and thrilling water sports and activities. But this time, the brand can very literally take you there. Their witty post-line, “Explore a 5-day Caribbean getaway in the palm of your hand” is a strong call to action for users to engage with their video.
Users can scroll through different islands and activities that look so appealing I just might book tickets the minute I’m finished writing this.

5. Mercedes-Benz Camper Canvas

Mercedes-Benz cars might be fancy, but they’re not fragile. And this can be seen crisp and clear on user’s iphones through their Canvas advertisement for Camping vehicles and features. Users can not only scroll through the outdoor views that these cars can transport passengers to, but they can also get inside the vehicle to see how swimmingly it accommodates such trips. Towards the end, the Canvas even turns into more of a commercial type vibe, with a video of a guy skiing through intimidating mountains then finding comfort in his car. This ad is interactive, visually stimulating, and detailed when it comes to the actual product.

6. Asics’ Chameleoid Canvas

Asics isn’t only getting innovative with their shoes. This Canvas of their new Chameleoid line is epic. It starts out as a feature video of their new shoes, which change color when they move. Their personality is wholly brought out their tribal background music and sleek imagery. Users can then scroll through to read about the shoes and get close up views of the colors and fabrics.

7. Gatorade’s Serena Celebration Canvas

This. Is. Awesome. Gatorade put together a celebration Canvas for Serena William’s 21 championships. The ad brings attention to Gatorade essentially for bringing such beautiful attention to Serena’s impressive career. The video pans through a project commissioned by Gatorade in New York to commemorate her work. But this isn’t even the best part. Users can then scroll through the years of Serena - through matches, achievements, photos, facts, and stories. Serena’s got game, but so does Gatorade for this moving and inspiring Canvas.

8. American Express Canvas

Here, you can watch how American Express is using Facebook Canvas to advertise how their service can make your life more enjoyable. Arrows help guide users through their interactive swipe video, which features scenes of beautiful vacation spots while informing customers or potential customers about all of the rewards and benefits that Amex offers. Vivid sunset, manicured golf courses and crystal waters take over the user’s screen and put them in a whole other world, suggesting that with American Express this world might not actually be so far away.

Get Help Creating Your Canvas

We at Hello Social love nothing more than helping clients create engaging content. If you’re interested in making a relevant, effective and interactive Facebook Canvas ad for your brand and want a hand, get in touch with us for a chat here.

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