Simon Pilkington
December 14, 2015

Getting Client’s to Approve Content with Rivuu

Rivuu can help your clients' approve your social media content as well as Instagram scheduling.

Lets face it, getting client's to approve social media content is challenging at best. It isn't because client's are lazy or don't want to give content a proper look over, it is because:

Reviewing content is actually quite draining

The method of reviewing content through spreadsheets and other methods quite frankly sucks!

So we wanted to create a super kick-ass system that makes approving social media content as simple for the client as possible. What we came up with is called Rivuu (pronounced "review").  Essentially, Rivuu allows clients to see exactly what your social media content will look like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram (Yes, you heard me, Instagram!) before they provide feedback.

When the client sees the post in-situ they have 2 options, Approve, which approves the post and Reject, which sends the post back to the agency. The client is required to provide feedback as to why the post was rejected, so the agency knows what they need to change before sending it back for a second review. An illustration of this process is below for your viewing pleasure:

Additional content approval features:

We have also created the ability for multiple people within the client's organisation to provide feedback. The client can require a post to be approved by 2 or more people, we well as see what feedback other people gave.

Clients can also change the copy themselves, allowing them to let the agency know what the copy should be if there only needs to be a small change.

Rivuu is open to any agency as well as any in-house social media team, if you would like to start a free trial to see if it works for you, check it out here.

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