Simon Pilkington
March 23, 2020

Where can you invest your marketing spend now out-of-home advertising and events are on pause?

When out of home advertising channels stop performing, smart marketers re-invest their budget in social media. Here are some reasons why you should too!

Are you reliant on out-of-home (OOH) advertising? With the country moving into lock down, and major advertising channels such as cinemas, conferences and point of sale closing down, many brands have realised that it’s time to redirect their spend elsewhere.
Social media marketing is one of the only channels that can reliably put your message in front of your target audience right now. With the general public confined to their homes across the country, consumption of content is at an all time high and brands are coming up with innovative ways to provide their product or service to them.
Let’s look at some of the ways in which you should be redirecting your spend to social, and create some realistic strategies to plan content and advertising quickly and cost effectively.

Social Media Marketing Is Cost Effective

In the current climate, you need to make your marketing budget work harder than ever. That means dropping media spend that can’t be measured, and focussing on channels that can be effectively optimised.
Social has multiple touch points available, and is extremely measurable. This means you can optimise your spend, and with expertise and creativity, reach an even bigger audience with the bucks that you normally spend on cinema ads or at local events.
To get the best results, the skills you will need are the following:
  • Content production - graphic design, video production, blogging, photography, and copywriting.

  • Performance advertising - expertise using social media ad tech for targeting your audience, building and optimising ad campaigns.

  • Analytics & reporting - measuring your results with tools on the social platforms as well as on your website, and building custom reports to understand what worked.

  • Web development & design - in some cases you will need to produce new landing pages to effectively convert your audience into customers or leads.
All of the above are distinct skills that are treated entirely separately from OOH advertising agencies. Working with a social media agency you get all of the above skills in one place. This can be achieved because we specialise only in social.
To a certain extent you can achieve great results through content alone. Many influencers are living proof of this. However, this approach is often reliant on viral content which can be a lucky home run, but not something that can be scaled effectively.
In reality an expert combination of creative content, leveraged with the right ad tech, in the right placements to the right audience, will deliver truly reliable results.

Great Social Media Marketing Creates User Generated Content

Most traditional forms of advertising are a one way stream of information. Your brand preaches your story on a billboard, or in a TV ad, and your audience laps it up obediently, or more often than not it misses the mark and dribbles down their chin to mingle with other decomposing scraps of information hurled at them that day.
Enter social media marketing, the two way street.
Social is all about creating a direct dialogue between brands and their followers. Cultivating that conversation effectively can lead to a bigger boost in sales than even a talented salesperson in your retail outlet.
When businesses are unable to operate freely on the high street, this kind of connection online becomes even more valuable. However, what separates good social media marketers from the great ones is their ability to inspire your audience to get involved in creating the content themselves.
User generated content is pure gold for brands. It’s the power of word of mouth, combined with shareable, branded content created absolutely free of charge.
Ikea base their Instagram account almost exclusively on user generated content.  In part because their brand name is so ubiquitous, but also because they are effectively managing their community with genuine interactions, users are using their hashtag in the hope that the brand will re-gram their home to their audience of 450k followers in Australia alone.
Through fostering a culture of user generated content, with a healthy sense of competition, the standard of photography and interior design is almost indistinguishable from the brand’s own professionally shot print catalogue content.

Social Media Ad Spend Is Measurable

Unlike most OOH advertising, or more traditional media advertising such as television, social media ads are completely measurable. Using properly configured pixel tracking, we are able to connect your social media and website traffic, and attribute sales, leads, actions on your website, or app downloads to your social campaigns.
This allows us to run detailed tests on different combinations of audience and ad creative to determine the approach that delivers the highest return on ad spend for you.
With many businesses under pressure to streamline their activity, having this kind of transparent reporting is a fantastic way to put your investors and stakeholders at ease. When the decision is made to make cuts to the marketing budget, the channels that provide clear accountability for their spend are the ones that stay.

You can learn more about our performance marketing service online.  We offer support on all  of the major pay per click advertising platforms including Google Ads.

Stories Content Is A Daily Source Of Organic Reach

Instagram (and Facebook) stories offer much more than just disposable content. The content format offers more organic reach for brands than simple news feed posts, and users expect a lower production value. This makes stories a fantastic format for you to produce while resources are limited.
Your reach will be largely determined by your own persistence. Producing content every single day has never been so important, and finding creative ways to tell your story will keep your audience engaged. That means video!

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Fitness brand lululemon are taking on the issues of restricted movement and anxiety head on, creating daily Instagram stories content highlighting free guided meditations and fitness classes on Instagram live.
Using this content they are able to engage users directly at home, while top influencers present their products.
The fitness industry is normally all about live events, going to the gym, bootcamps and more OOH marketing. It’s no surprise that when faced with the challenge of bringing wellness into the home, the top brands turn straight away to social media marketing.

Influencers Are An Opportunity To Expand Your Audience

Influencers are experts in creating high impact content that connects with your audience at home. So when your billboard ads aren’t getting seen and retail footfall disappears, it’s time to take all opportunities to expand your audience online.
That means looking outside of your own social media accounts to find new pairs of eyes for your brand.
Thankfully influencer marketing in 2020 is far more sophisticated than models in yoga pants posting for free samples. Agencies that work with influencers like Hello Social create detailed strategies that leverage highly engaged audiences from micro, macro and mega influencers relevant to your industry.
Author, chef and lifestyle influencer Melissa Hemsley has 128k followers who subscribe to her London based brand of healthy eating and sustainable living.  Despite not being directly in her vertical, eco laundry detergent brand Ecover tapped into her audience’s environmental concern to promote their products. They recognise that those concerned with the sustainability and organic origin of their food may feel the same way about other products that they use.  This makes this collaboration a match made in heaven!

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