Xero - Pay it don’t delay it activation

We partnered with Xero to deliver an integrated purpose-driven campaign, aimed at highlighting the plight of small business late payments to the nation, in the aim of bringing debtor days down to zero.

The Challenge

Hello Social was engaged to develop a PR and socially-led campaign that drove awareness of the fact that 50% of small businesses are paid late - a number Xero were on a mission to bring down by encouraging all Australians to pay on time. Late payments cripple small businesses with many particularly impacted during summer months when revenue is at its lowest post-Christmas.

Our Solution

We developed an integrated campaign under the Pay It, Don’t Delay It platform which saw us bring former SBS News Presenter, Lee Lin Chin, half out of retirement to break the news to Aussies and drive action via a social-first competition which rewarded people who paid invoices early or on-time over the summer period. To drive further cut-through (literally) Hello Social also built a series of stunts, slicing the Big Things of Australia in Half (The Big Mango & Big Ugg Boots) to really show people that this issue is a BIG deal. This campaign achieved an astonishing 27 million impressions and reached 15 million.