Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Work with Australian influencers and run impactful, measurable & localised campaigns that help you grow your audience.


  • Australian Influencers
  • Celebrities & Sports Stars
  • Micro Influencer Campaigns
  • Measurable Results
  • In-house Production Studio
  • Influencers At Events
  • Product Reviews & Unboxing
  • Brand Partnerships

Connect with Australia's top talent

Our influencer talent pool ranges connects you with the Australian influencers to find the right fit, whether it's your neighbourhood lifestyle blogger or household name TV personalities.

Influencer content that looks and feels natural.

Our campaigns work with influencers to promote your brand in a way that is natural for their audience, so your sponsored content fits seamlessly in their feed.

Influencer marketing for events & activations.

Make sure the right guests reach your marketing event or activation, and get killer user generated content with a bigger audience buzz.

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Alexandra Latimer, Head of Influencer Marketing, PR & Events